Monday, December 16, 2013

StoryTown Proofreading Packet

Last year when I taught first grade, I create three packets that allowed students to edit and illustrate the proofreading sentences provided by Harcourt's StoryTown curriculum. Now that I am in second grade, I have created a proofreading packet for the provided sentences. However, this one does not have a place for illustrations, but it does have smaller writing lines to focus more on proper handwriting. This pack contains all 30 lessons, 5 days per lesson. All 5 days can be found on one sheet with writing lines. The pack for all 30 lessons is only $1.50 in my TPT store. Even if you don't have the Harcourt StoryTown curriculum, your students will benefit from this pack. Not only will they get practice fixing grammar errors, they will also work on their handwriting as well. 

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