Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Second Grade Common Core Math Pack #4

We have been trucking right along in our math class using the common core math packs I have created. It seems as though I can't make them fast enough, but I am managing as best as I can. Last night I finished pack #4 and put it on my teachers pay teachers store for $10. When you're there checking it out, don't forget to check out my first three math packs as well. There will be 14 total, with 4 review packs at the end. Each pack comes with:

*10 common core based math activities
*10 common core based in-class worksheets
*10 common core based skills review homework worksheets  
*10 fact practice in-class worksheets
 *10 fact homework worksheets  
*1 common core skills assessment
*1 fact assessment
*1 math journal (10 lessons)  
*1 Assessment Recording sheet  
*1 Standards hit checklist

The lessons in the pack include: Comparing two and three digit numbers using <, >, =. Creating and interpreting bar graphs (creating a large bar graph by reviewing smaller bar graphs and using the information), three-digit place value, and writing numbers in expanded form. 

I enjoy making these packs and I enjoy feedback. If there are any questions or concerns regarding these math packs, my email is provided below. 


To view my math pack and my TPT store, click here


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