Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Second Grade Common Core Math Pack #4

We have been trucking right along in our math class using the common core math packs I have created. It seems as though I can't make them fast enough, but I am managing as best as I can. Last night I finished pack #4 and put it on my teachers pay teachers store for $10. When you're there checking it out, don't forget to check out my first three math packs as well. There will be 14 total, with 4 review packs at the end. Each pack comes with:

*10 common core based math activities
*10 common core based in-class worksheets
*10 common core based skills review homework worksheets  
*10 fact practice in-class worksheets
 *10 fact homework worksheets  
*1 common core skills assessment
*1 fact assessment
*1 math journal (10 lessons)  
*1 Assessment Recording sheet  
*1 Standards hit checklist

The lessons in the pack include: Comparing two and three digit numbers using <, >, =. Creating and interpreting bar graphs (creating a large bar graph by reviewing smaller bar graphs and using the information), three-digit place value, and writing numbers in expanded form. 

I enjoy making these packs and I enjoy feedback. If there are any questions or concerns regarding these math packs, my email is provided below. 


To view my math pack and my TPT store, click here

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Writing, Writing, Writing...

If you're like me, you have a love/hate relationship with writing in the classroom. When my kids are pumped up and into it (writing stories for example)...I absolutely love to teach writing. But for those not-so-exciting writing assignments, I feel like I am pulling teeth to get quality writing out of my kiddos. Because of this, last year I took all of the Story Town (Harcourt) writing lessons from FIRST GRADE and created user-friendly, easy-to-use packets for kids to use and build their writing skills, while still staying with our writing curriculum. I have noticed that lots and lots of people have been using my writing packets (3 packets, 10 lessons each). Since I am teaching SECOND GRADE this year, and now that I have some extra time, I have created the first packet for the SECOND GRADE STORY TOWN WRITING LESSONS 1-10. You can find the packet here.