Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hello friends!
Who doesn't like to add a pop of color to their classroom? I needed a way to keep visual track of how many days we have been in school, and I was tired of the bland Saxon shapes and colors, and since we are nixing Saxon (for the time being) because of Common Core, I decided to create my own days in school tags. There are 200 colorful stars that have number labels on them ready to cut out and hang on your wall. Everything that I create and add to my TPT store, I use in my own classroom. Please check out my store ( I have lots of Story Town (harcourt) resources available for 1st and 2nd grade)....

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Common Core Crazy

We are currently 13 days into the 2013-2014 school year, and already I am feeling completely overwhelmed by our new common core curriculums. My team co-teacher and I haven't been really thrilled with any of the second grade common core math resources we have come across as of late...does any one else feel that way? I have taken it upon myself to use pacing guides I have found and created my first ever second grade common core math pack. I am planning on my common core math series to have 14 "regular" packs (10 lesson each) and 4 review packs for the end of second grade. Each pack will have 10 lessons and they each contain:

*10 common core based math activities
*10 common core based in-class worksheets
*10 common core based skills review homework worksheets
*10 fact practice in-class worksheets
*10 fact homework worksheets
*1 common core skills assessment
*1 fact assessment
*1 math journal (10 lessons)
*1 Assessment Recording sheet
*1 Standards hit checklist

My first pack contains 104 pages of common core based activities and worksheets. Click here to view my Common Core Math product and my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Pack #2 will be coming soon!