Friday, June 1, 2012

Doctor It!

This summer I am spending a majority of my time creating things for my classroom. Today, I created my "doctor it" proofreading activities for my first grade kiddos. In this activity, the students are to read the sentence, find the errors, and rewrite the new correct sentence. We will do most of these together, but I will collect the weeks packet on Friday's and give them a grade for neatness, correctness, etc. There are two files (one is lessons 1-15, the second is lessons 16-20) so don't forget to look at both!!

We love FOOD!

"Scary Stew"! I had each child bring a small ziplock bag of something yummy they have in their home kitchen!

We made BREAD...and....

Gingerbread houses....and....


Brand New Welcome

I have never done a teacher blog before, but have always dreamed of it ever since I began teaching. I have no restrictions this summer, and plan on making this blog my baby.

I consider myself a "floating teacher". I graduated from college in December of 2008 and began my teaching career right away in January. The Kindergarten teacher at the school where I began teaching at was on maternity leave and the class was already at 26 kids, so the school decided to split the class during Christmas time...and boy am I ever grateful that they did! I began my adventure teaching half a year of Kindergarten.

The following year I was moved to a first grade position, and I looped with about half of my class. This was so neat, seeing them grow in their learning for two years! I loved first grade!

I had hoped to stay in first grade the following year, but because of classroom numbers, they had to shift around some teachers, so I was moved to third grade. I was a little apprehensive at first, after being in the younger primary grades for my first two years. However, I did most of my student teaching in the fourth grade position, so I knew a little of what to expect. I had a fantastic year in third grade and loved my kiddos dearly. As my third grade year came to a close, I knew I would have to be moved again, because the Kindergarten class coming in the following year had 29 kids, and I was one of only a few teachers in my school with a Kindergarten endorsement. So, I began another adventure in Kindergarten last year.

I have to be honest, I was extremely nervous for this, but everything went smoothly and my kinder kids were great and learned so much! It was so awesome seeing them the first day of school and comparing them to the last day of school and how much they had learned throughout the year! This summer I am preparing to teach first grade next year and am anxious to begin this adventure! Please bear with me as I begin another adventure with creating a high-quality teaching blog. Please continue to come back, as I plan to add several things to my blog in the coming days, months, etc.!

Since I am new to this, and my main focus will on my grade next year, I feel I should add some pictures from my Kindergarten year of some fun things we did!